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3D Printed Medical Devices

NIB III Winner


The idea addresses two significant healthcare challenges. Firstly, malocclusion affects 56% of the world's population, leading to issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw pain. Traditional braces, though effective, are often uncomfortable and not recommended by dentists after a certain age due to gum health concerns. Secondly, the conventional process of treating bone fractures with casts is cumbersome and uncomfortable. Approximately 61.7 million people experience discomfort and inconvenience due to the traditional casting process, including itching, discomfort, and inability to get wet.

To address these challenges, the proposal suggests using dental aligners instead of traditional braces for treating malocclusion. These aligners offer advantages such as easy removal and cleaning, reduced visibility, and fewer dental visits. Additionally, 3D-printed casts are proposed as an alternative to traditional casts for bone fractures. These casts offer benefits such as better fit, breathability, removability, water resistance, comfort, reduced itchiness, and lighter weight. By introducing these innovative solutions, the idea aims to improve patient comfort, treatment effectiveness, and overall healthcare experience.


Name:Bilal Khan Afridi City: Karachi

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