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Agri-InnoVet Tech Diagnostics

Top Idea in NIB III


The escalating inflation and economic pressures in Karachi, Pakistan are driving farmers to abandon or scale back their livestock farming operations, leading to decreased meat and milk production and a concerning trade deficit in dairy products. To address this pressing issue and fortify the nation's financial stability, we propose the establishment of a state-of-the-art Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and Services. This comprehensive solution leverages cutting-edge technology, data-driven diagnostics, and expert veterinary care to optimize the health, productivity, and sustainability of the bovine animal population in the region.

Our approach includes a range of key solutions, such as advanced diagnostic services utilizing genetic testing and digital imaging, customized disease prevention and management plans, nutritional guidance, digital health records, and education and training for farmers on sustainable farming practices. By empowering commercial livestock farms with these resources, we aim to enhance the health and productivity of bovine animals, ultimately increasing meat and dairy production and reducing import dependency. Our initiative not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by the livestock sector but also contributes to the long-term economic growth and sustainability of Karachi's agricultural industry.


Name: Waseem Hussain City: N/A

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