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NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

The extensive use of traditional plastics poses a severe threat to our environment, necessitating the exploration of eco-friendly alternatives by scientists. Traditional plastics not only harm the environment but also endanger living organisms, accumulating as persistent microplastics that are challenging to degrade and eliminate. This accumulation results in health issues and various forms of pollution, persisting even through recycling efforts. Recognizing this environmental crisis, our innovative solution lies in the development of bioplastics derived from bacteria extracted from microbes. By subjecting these microbes to stress and supplying them with organic waste as a carbon source, we have cultivated a groundbreaking substitute for traditional plastics. Beyond being environmentally friendly, our bioplastic solution offers a dual benefit—it serves as a sustainable answer to organic waste management and contributes to soil and plant health as a biodegradable material, thus addressing the broader ecological impact of plastic pollution.

About Idea

To address the environmental challenges posed by traditional plastics, our business proposes a multifaceted solution. We will isolate bacteria with the ability to produce bioplastics and subsequently optimize the conditions for their growth to enhance productivity. This optimization process involves fine-tuning environmental factors to ensure the efficient and sustainable production of bioplastics. Once we have successfully cultivated these bioplastic-producing bacteria, our next step involves extracting bioplastics through a process that utilizes organic waste as a carbon source. This innovative approach not only provides a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics but also tackles two critical issues simultaneously. Firstly, by substituting petroleum plastic with bioplastics, we contribute to a significant reduction in plastic toxicity in the environment. Bioplastics are inherently biodegradable, mitigating the long-lasting environmental impact associated with traditional plastics. This shift towards eco-friendly materials aligns with our commitment to fostering a healthier planet. Secondly, our process involves the effective management of organic waste. By utilizing organic waste as a carbon source for bioplastic production, we contribute to a more sustainable waste management system. This dual-purpose approach demonstrates our commitment to addressing environmental concerns holistically, offering a solution that not only reduces plastic pollution but also contributes positively to organic waste management. In essence, our innovative solution not only provides a viable substitute for traditional plastics but also actively contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly ecosystem by reducing plastic toxicity and managing organic waste effectively.


Name:Aleesha Naheed City: NA

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