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Nourish Naturally, Grow Responsibly

GreenGrow: Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture


UET Peshawar

Haripur, KPK

Modern Agriculture's Dilemma

The overuse of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has led to insect resistance, degraded soil health, and environmental harm. Rising costs of traditional agrochemicals strain farmers financially, while the lack of awareness about sustainable alternatives exacerbates the issue.

GreenGrow's Bio-Stimulant Solution

GreenGrow offers a natural bio-stimulant liquid to enhance plant growth and repel pests. Our eco-friendly product provides a sustainable alternative to synthetic chemicals, promoting healthier crops and soil. By harnessing the power of wood vinegar and biochar, we aim to revolutionize agricultural practices.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the dedicated individuals driving our vision forward.

Saifullah Khalid

CEO & Founder

Syed Ahmed Hassan 

Manager Operations

Rafia Sarfaraz 

Accounts Officer

Arsalan Saeed 

Design & Engineering Manager