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BioBoost Elixir

NIB III Winner


The idea addresses the pressing issue of the overuse of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in modern agriculture, which has led to detrimental effects such as insect resistance, soil deterioration, and environmental damage. Additionally, the rising costs of traditional agrochemicals exacerbate financial strain on farmers, compounded by a lack of awareness regarding sustainable alternatives like wood vinegar and biochar products. In response, our startup aims to provide a solution by offering adaptable organic insecticides and biostimulants designed to promote sustainable plant development. Targeting the underrepresented market of organic farmers and gardeners, we plan to launch sales through an online e-commerce platform, providing convenience and nationwide accessibility. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with physical businesses will be established to broaden the reach of our environmentally friendly products. Ultimately, our goal is to revolutionize farming practices, enhance productivity, and promote ecological consciousness by offering a variety of multipurpose, sustainable agriculture solutions.


Name:Saifullah Khalid City: Haripur, KPK

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