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NIB III Winner


The idea addresses the prevalent issue of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) being the leading cause of mortality in Pakistan, with coronary artery disease (CAD) affecting a significant portion of the population. Factors contributing to this trend include poor lifestyle habits and socioeconomic challenges, with millions living below the poverty line. The proposed solution involves developing miniaturized wearables for clinical application, aiming to provide cost-effective monitoring and medication options for individuals living in extreme poverty, potentially replacing current methods and facilitating early diagnosis and management of cardiac diseases.

The innovative approach utilizes nanotechnology for personalized medicine targeting heart disease, focusing on designing, creating, and testing miniaturized wearable devices for controlled administration of cardiovascular medications. These devices incorporate porous, flexible materials for drug loading and controlled release, along with advanced technologies for real-time monitoring of chest vibrations in correlation with targeted biomarkers. The project aims to promote patient compliance and long-term use by prioritizing user comfort, portability, and seamless integration into daily life, ultimately contributing to improved cardiovascular health outcomes in Pakistan.


Name:Anam Munawar City: NA

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