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Why is this Sector Important?

Pakistan's e-trading mainly involves buying and selling goods and services using the internet or telephone, It’s huge market potential in Pakistan

(Envisioning a Bright Future for this Sector)

Increasing the online transactions from around Rs. 400 billion to Rs. 1 trillion by 2023 by providing a reliable supply chain, improving the ease of doing online payments, and increasing consumer trust, for customers both nationally and internationally.

(Major problems and issues for this sector that require innovation and use of technology)

Trust and Adoption–   Online banking, e-ticketing for air traveling, share trading in the stock exchange are few examples of e-commerce of modern advancement. 
With its potential, e-trading can reduce the cost per transaction, increase efficiency, trust, support contests, lower prices, and boost international demand.

Technology Access to underprivileged – Access to technology & education in the society, as most parts of the country particularly rural areas are lacking availability of education. internet & technology related things.

Shortage of power – Shortage of power (the huge gap between demand and supply of electricity due to insufficient production).

Cash in supply chain – Lack of participation from the banking sector, mainstream banks are hesitant/reluctant to provide merchant services for online buying and selling websites. 

(A list of sample ideas to get innovators started. Innovators are encouraged to explore a variety of viable solutions.)

Looking for solutions from e-commerce, marketplaces, e-trading, digital finance, apps, applications, etc.

Pakistan’s e-commerce market size posted a growth of over 35 percent in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021 to Rs96 billion compared to Rs71bn over the corresponding period of last year.

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