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NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

The concept aims to address the issue of the sub-standard fuel in domestic, industrial and commercial sectors, e.g, use of traditional (mud-kiln produced, 5000 years old technology) low quality charcoal in food (BBQ) Industry, use of high Sulphur content mined-coal in smelting (steel) industry and use of cow-dung as domestic cooking fuel where natural gas is not available. According to the air quality index (AQI) of cities like Lahore, the use of sub-standard or high emission fuels is severely degrading the environment, increasing the prevalence of lung ailments among the populace, and lowers life expectancy.

About Idea

We are offering smokeless, indigenous, high calorific value, environment friendly clean-tech based charcoal to solve above-stated problem.


Name:Muhammad Hassnain  City: NA

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