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Pakistan grapples with dual environmental crises: rampant air pollution from construction activities and the alarming proliferation of plastic waste. In urban hubs like Karachi and Lahore, construction processes emit pollutants exacerbating air quality issues, particularly during winter, when hazardous smog episodes occur. Brick kilns, prevalent in developing countries, notably contribute to air pollution, emitting significant particulate matter. Simultaneously, the nation contends with mounting plastic production, resulting in a staggering 3.9 million tonnes of waste annually, with over 90% ending up in water bodies, posing severe threats to marine life and ecosystems. To combat these pressing challenges, innovative solutions are imperative to preserve the environment and secure a healthier future for Pakistan.

Our solution targets two prevalent types of plastic waste: LDPE and Multi-layered Packaging (MLP), which significantly contribute to river pollution due to their lower recycling value. By repurposing LDPE, PP, and MLP into eco-friendly construction materials like tiles, pavers, and bricks, we not only provide a new lease of life to discarded plastics but also revolutionize the construction sector. This innovative approach reduces air pollution and energy consumption while significantly mitigating carbon emissions compared to traditional manufacturing methods. By substituting plastic for cement in construction materials, our solution offers dual benefits: diminishing plastic pollution and reducing manufacturing costs, thus establishing both economic viability and environmental sustainability.


Name: Kashaf Akhtar City: Islamabad

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