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NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

Use of Aluminum foil and Plastic Clings are creating following problems in the environment: 1 cancer causing effects on human health 2 chemical flow in blood 3 Oxidation of food 4 drastic impact on environment 5 spoilage of food 6 wastage of food 7 non biodegradable packing

About Idea

Introducing Eco Wraps (BeesWax Wraps), a revolutionary biodegradable alternative to plastic and aluminum foil that revolutionizes food preservation. Made from sustainable plant-based materials, Eco Wrap is not only eco-friendly but also washable, making it reusable and reducing waste. With its innovative design, it effectively seals in freshness, creating a barrier against oxidation and moisture, ensuring your food stays delicious and extends its shelf life. Whether you're wrapping sandwiches, fruits, or leftovers, EcoFoil provides a reliable and safe solution. Say goodbye to harmful plastics and wasteful aluminum foil, and embrace the future of sustainable food storage with Eco Wraps– the perfect choice for a greener and fresher lifestyle.


Name:Maryam  City: Lahore

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