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Mindtrack Innovators

NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

In today's educational landscape, students encountering attention deficits and concentration issues often struggle to achieve their full learning potential. ADHD and learning disabilities exacerbate these challenges, hindering effective education and impeding academic success. MindTrack recognizes these obstacles as a barrier to individual growth and aims to dismantle them.

About Idea

Our EEG headband is a non-invasive device designed to capture brainwave signals during study sessions or classes. This non-invasive device monitors cognitive states in real-time, capturing brainwave signals during study sessions or classes. The data is transmitted to a cloud platform where sophisticated AI algorithms provide tailored insights. For example, different LED lights signify distinct brainwave patterns — red for relaxation (Alpha Waves), blue for problem-solving (Beta Waves), and yellow for peak concentration (Gamma Waves). This real-time feedback empowers educators, informs parents, and equips students, transforming the learning experience for those with ADHD and learning disabilities.


Name:Anas Hussain Khan City: NA

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