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Musakhel Dry Meat

NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

The food should be (saf) clean and (Pak) audible. According to meat business in pakistan the customers unable to purchase the clean and audible meat because the butchers have no proper method to secure the meat from internal and external paracites. The decomposition process start in chicken after 3 hour and in mutton it start after 6 hour and in beef it start after 7 hour. The butcher selling meat 24 hour without stoping decomposition process. Without proper method to extend its life shelf this type of food is not clean and audible.

About Idea

The company already producing landi dry meat by traditional way of production in winter season when the temperature is low under 0 degree. The brust room which decrease the product temperature under 0 degree to stop decompostion process. The open natural environment of 0 degree only available for 15 days. The company planning to establish a processing unit including international standard slaughter house brustroom chiller and container for transfortation. The slaughter house will be of international standard customer will trace our meat process through our QR code. The brust room will stop decomposition process process for 21 days. The chiller will save meat from external paracite and meat look. We will make the small pack of fate and white meat for breakfast. We will creat 6 product of meat. Processed meat, simple dry meat, (Cobai) White meat, (Andara) meat filled in intestine, (Chakai) Processed fate. We add different flavour to meat to create pleasant smell to meat


Name:Lutfullah Khan  City: Musakhel

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