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NIB III Winner


The idea addresses Pakistan's agricultural challenges and opportunities by proposing an innovative solution. With significant food wastage amounting to 35% to 40% of total production and the country facing food security concerns due to increasing population and climate uncertainties, there is a critical need to utilize surplus fruits and vegetables more effectively. In response, NutriNations introduces a dehydration process for locally produced fruits and vegetables, aiming to reduce post-harvest losses and enhance food security. Partnering with CPEC INTERNATIONAL, NutriNations offers a commercial-grade dehydrator with a substantial capacity, empowering local farmers to add value to their crops, access broader markets, and strengthen economic resilience. This initiative not only addresses food security challenges but also positions Pakistan as a reliable supplier of premium, nutrient-rich dehydrated products for domestic consumption and international export.


Name:Awais Yasin City: Islamabad

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