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REJIM: Spirulina protein bar

NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

Pakistan's extensive reliance on imported prepared foods, including nutrition bars, costing approximately 100 million US dollars annually, significantly contributes to the country's trade deficit. As of 2022, it has imported 79 shipments of protein bars from the UAE, UK, and China. Rising imports of prepared foods are not only a drain on Pakistan's financial resources but also a hindrance to the development of the local food industry. At the same time, there is a growing demand for convenient and high-quality nutritious snacks, fueled by the widespread issue of protein and energy deficiency, affecting millions of Pakistanis and leading to significant health and economic losses. To address this problem, encouraging the use of local raw materials, especially healthier, organic, and vegan options, will contribute to reducing import costs, enhancing economic sustainability, and strengthening Pakistan's capacity to ensure food security for its citizens. Failure to implement this solution may perpetuate the trade deficit and leave the nation vulnerable to food security challenges.

About Idea

Imagine a solution that not only addresses the pressing issue of food security but also strategically contributes to reducing Pakistan's reliance on imported prepared foods, a major driver of the country's trade deficit. What if you could have convenient, affordable, and healthy nutrition at your fingertips, eliminating the need for costly imports? We're working on a product that could make this a reality. Suffering from an energy dip? Our Rejim Spirulina Protein Bars are designed to revitalize you in no time. Packed with 15g proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, these bars harness the power of micro-algae known for their contributions to weight control and vitality. Our vision is simple: we aim to be the better choice, replacing less nutritious options with top-notch protein. By supporting our project, you become a part of a mission that not only combats health issues but also strategically addresses the trade imbalance, fostering self-reliance and economic sustainability in Pakistan.


Name:Ushna Ahmed City: NA

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