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The Challenge

Pakistan's challenge lies in reviving its economy by increasing exports and reducing imports to ensure economic prosperity and stability. This requires strategic economic policies and efforts to balance trade.

What is NIB III?

We are delighted to unveil the launch of National Idea Bank, NIB-III, with a profound and impactful theme: “Transforming Trade Deficits into Surpluses!” In a world where we import extensively and export little, it's through visionary and innovative ideas that we can rewrite this narrative and usher in a brighter economic future.


NIB Global Host

ASPIRE Pakistan is a non-profit organization with a vision for a socially and economically prosperous Pakistan through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NIB III National Host

NUTECH Islamabad is a place where smart people gather to do research and innovation, and they're hosting an important competition.

Idea submission process

Idea Submission Process

Here are the steps you need to go through while submitting your idea.

Step 1 – Your information

Step2: – Information about your team

Step 3 – Provide your idea and its details

Step 4 – Provide details on your current stage and what are the barriers you are facing

Step 5 – Provide details on your execution plan

Step 6 – Submit your idea

NIB III Timeline

Sep 6

Call for Ideas Submission

Nov 23

Last date to Submit Idea

Dec 3

First Round - Assessment

Dec 14/15

Second Round - Presentations

Dec 30

Second Round - Winners and Awards

Feb 14/15

Final Round - Presentations

Feb 28

NIB III Finale


3 days training and tour of silicon valley to the top 10 winners

One team member will also be allowed for the top 5

Meet up with investors in silicon valley and learn about raising funds for your ideas

More prizes will be announced before second round presentations.


Benefits of Participation in NIB

Recognition and Validation of your idea, reducing risk

Promotion of your idea at national level

Large-scale support and networking opportunities through NIB Outreach Partners

Mentorship to develop and present your ideas effectively

Access to investors through Pak Angels, Pakistan's first Angel Investors Network for early-stage ideas

Invitations to ASPIRE Bootcamps and learn from the experts

Partnerships matchmaking through ASPIRE Pakistan's network, both Nationally and Internationally

Submit Your Idea for NIB III

Unleash your creativity and drive progress! Share your game-changing ideas with NIB III, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all. Your innovation could be the key to a prosperous future. Submit now!