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The Contract Master

NIB III Winner

Problem Statement

Pakistan is encountering economic hardships characterized by escalating inflation and limited procurement options concentrated among a few companies. Both private and government organizations are grappling with challenges in diversifying their supplier base to secure optimal supplies and enhance organizational profitability. Furthermore, the consistency of service and product quality is lacking. Despite advertising in multiple newspapers, national supply chains are encountering obstacles in identifying new growth opportunities and facing delays in receiving payments. Local and national projects such as CPEC, Gwadar, Dams, and Metro systems are actively seeking robust supply chains. Internationally, there is a dearth of opportunities to establish joint ventures or partnerships and directly export Pakistan's products and services to companies. The predominant share of profits is being claimed by intermediaries.

About Idea

The Contract Master is your gateway to the lucrative world of procurement in Pakistan. In a country where procurement encompasses over $100 billion annually, we offer a central platform that unites businesses, including SMEs, to discover and manage contracts/tenders both locally and nationally. Organisations and supply chains can communicate directly on proposals, queries from publishing the contract/tender to award. There are also additional services to manage your payment schedule and share your company news with the industry. We can integrate with company’s existing procurement system to improve and on-board new supply chain. We also aspire to establish integration with regulatory bodies, including the Pakistan Engineering Council, Food Development Authority, universities, certification authorities, etc., with the objective of enhancing the qualifications within the supply chain and developing necessary industry certifications and quality standards. Included in our strategic plan is the international deployment of our platform, facilitating joint ventures and partnerships with global companies for the export and distribution of Pakistani products and services. This initiative aims to empower Pakistani businesses to boost their revenues through increased exports.


Name:Mohammed Qasim Pervez  City: Lahore

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