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Problem Statement

The Paris climate agreement has motivated global industries to shift towards sustainable alternatives. However, the construction industry lags in this endeavor. It uses cement and bricks that produce large amounts of co2 emissions and hence, causes global warming. Moreover, our brick industry not only destroys our climate by producing nearly half of our total co2 emissions but also enslaves more than 5 million bonded laborers including young children and women. These laborers girls undergo forced marriages, over torture, and rapes. Enslaving such a large part of our own population hardly sounds like a successful recipe for a country to develop.
Ecostabilizer aims to transform this energy-hogging and ruthless construction industry into a sustainable and human-friendly industry. We do this by producing self-healing construction blocks with zero carbon footprint that will replace conventional construction materials like bricks and cement.

About Innovator

Name : Muhammad Sohail Ashraf
City : Bahawalpur
Province: Punjab
University : Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia
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Muhammad Sohail Ashraf

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