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Cash The Trash

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Cash The Trash

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Problem Statement

Solid waste especially single used plastic waste is a major issue for metropolitan cities around the world. As per estimated almost 70% of plastic waste goes to landfill sites and oceans and is not recycled in Pakistan. Cash the trash presents the idea of eco-bricks furniture. We have prepared over 200 eco-bricks (pet bottles densely packed with single used plastic wrappers and poly bags). From these bricks, we have prepared tables, chairs, shelves, and storage boxes. These are low-cost yet durable. The project has been done in university by engaging students and utilizing the plastic waste generated at university on daily basis. Cash the trash suggests the establishment of recycling labs in educational institutions for this purpose.

About Innovator

Name : Syeda Afsheen
City : Karachi
Province: Sindh
University : NED Karachi
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Syeda Afsheen

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