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Conversion of biomass to energy and biochar by using Pyrogasification technology

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Problem Statement

Pakistan is an agrarian country with huge biomass resource which is not used efficiently and causes pollution in the form of rice straw burning in Punjab leading to smog, smoke, and toxic particulate matter air pollution while at the same time 30% of its population still lack access to electricity and a vast majority of the country faces natural gas (Sui gas) load shedding in winter for domestic and industrial uses and forces the country to import fuel in the form of LPG, LNG, furnace oil, and crude oil. While on the other hand, the productivity of smallholder farms is low due to poor soil and limited profitability, low-paid jobs, and in-efficient resources. All these problems can be addressed by using our advanced thermochemical conversion technology which converts biomass and other mixed waste into electricity, heat, and biochar. Biochar is recognized by the united nations (IPCC) as a carbon sequestration tool while it also enhances the soil carbon matter to increase soil productivity.

About Innovator

Name :Dr Muhammad Saghir
City : Islamabad
Province: Punjab
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Dr Muhammad Saghir

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